BlitzWolf BW-D1 or Just how fast is an SSD?

If you have never used an SSD you are in for a taste of speed. Nothing you can do to your laptop or computer will make more of a speed increase than upgrading to SSD. BTW, you can now buy BlitzWolf BW-D1 120G 2.5 inch SATA3 Solid State Drive SSD Hard Disk from Banggood for only $49.49 if you’ll use this coupon code: 12blitzw (regular price: $54.99)

BlitzWolf BW-D1

BlitzWolf BW-D1 – BW-D1 SSD brings the power of SSD to your computer. Now it is possible to load computer apps just as fast as a smartphone. Compared to the regular mechanical hard drive, BlitzWolf BW-D1  solid state drive is significantly faster with the read speed of 500MB/S.DevSleep (Device Sleep) Mode enables the BW-D1 to completely power down PHY and other subsystems, minimising the power consumed by the SSD.Supportting ECC, Wear leveling, TRIM, S.M.A.R.T and RAID Protection, BlitzWolf BW-D1  solid state drive provide excellent data retention and enhance reliability.

As a fast system drive
If you are running on an older mechanical HDD the switch to SSD will be instantly noticeable, things will load similar to your phone, instantly. A restart will complete in less than 60 seconds. If you do walk down this route you will need to clone your old drive or reinstall your operating system. The old drive can also be recycled by using it as a storage drive.

As an external drive
If you have USB3.0 ports on your PC you can quickly copy files and make backups on this drive. If you are copying SSD to SSD the speed will be maximized.

BW-D1 is backward compatible with older computers.
For compatibility, the main thing to check is the actual connection the drive has to your computer or external case.  SATA is the type of connection and SATA III is the fastest full 6Gb/s link. The older SATA I and II are also compatible, they will just not reach the full speed available.
– As your system drive inside the PC: Almost all laptops and computers in the last 6/7 years will have SATA II or III.
– As an external drive: Look for USB 3 and SATAIII compatibility, anything with SATA will work but also look for the USB 3.0 spec as that is needed for full speed transfers.

We designed the D1 to be a mix of performance and affordability. Discover the 30 second startup with BlitzWolf SSD’s.

blitzwolf-bw-d1-1 blitzwolf-bw-d1


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