Blitzwolf BW-FWC1: Wireless charging gone wild!

BlitzWolf development team has announced the soon release of our new wireless charger. The BW-FWC1 BW wireless charger is a game changer.


Although wireless chargers have been out there for a long time, many phone users weren’t happy with them. Which influenced some manufacturers to remove wireless charging from their new models. But, with the latest wireless charging standard, many manufacturers changed their mind.

Wireless chargers used to be either bulky or  in cheap plastic form. On top of that, they weren’t as good as they should have been, in other words, they were slow charging at only with 200 mA – 500 mA. Your smartphone would take hours to charge. Besides that, it would have to be aligned perfectly for the charger to work. We changed all of that.

Why Double the power if we can triple it with BW-FWC1
The  BW-FWC1  wireless charger will deliver up to 1.3 Amps of power, which is enough to rapidly charge your smartphone. On top of that, you don’t have to 100 percent perfectly aligned it, it only needs to be 10 mm close.

Compactness mixed with stunning aesthetics
The BW-FWC1 wireless charger will have a very small form factor. It’s 9cm in diameter and 15mm thick. Weighing only just 95 grams it is really light and ideal for travel, office, and home. Our designers have done a great job with perfecting the look. The BW-FWC1 will complement your desk with a stunning circular form factor, topped with  a stunning leather finished active charging area and surrounded by a modernistic metal finished ring.

Why you should move to wireless?
Wireless charging is today’s trend many big names in the smart gadgets business  are pushing it in their products. Wireless charging helps to solve the cable compatibility issues as well as eliminating the overuse of cables and that can damage the phones connector. On top of that, many other manufacturers in the health and home electronics fields are moving to wireless charging too.

The BW-FWC1 supports them all
The BW-FWC1 supports a lot of devices including almost all the mobile phones with wireless charging , smart watches as well as tablets. We will release it sooner than you can imagine, stay tuned for new information.




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